About Us

How was Frutera born?

Founder and owner Claudia Vidaurre has followed a plant-based diet for over 20 years! She imagined a place where people can eat something delicious, feel good while they eat it and after too. She knew that fruits provide fiber, vitamins and minerals that make you feel full longer, help your body with detoxification, give you energy and even help you lose weight! Eating fruits is natural and most beneficial to the human gut, which is similar to those of the great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, etc.), whose diets consist mainly of fruits.  Claudia created Frutera to remind us all to eat diets that bring health and balance to our bodies.  And while we're at it, we will also bring balance to our planet, by eating plant food and minimizing animal products.  In addition, Frutera only uses compostable containers, spoons and napkins made from plants!

Why the name Frutera?

In Spanish, a frutera is a container where you would store fruits.  Also, in Spanish speaking countries, when people go to a farmers market to buy fruits, they look for a frutera or frutero, a woman or a man that sells fruits.  Finally, the word Frutera is a mix of two words, fruit (without the i) and era, the era of fruit!